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Manila Freak eMagazine introduces and markets your business exclusively to the Japanese visitors who wish to visit the Philippines and experience the hospitality of the Filipinos. It becomes the bridge and main portal website of the Japanese visitors to know and experience the Philippine culture, travel, food, entertainment, shopping, drinks and many more. Let's access together the Japanese market right now!

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Local News

Japanese tourist can get latest local news, advisory, festival schedule and activities in the Philippines anytime.

Local Business

We update Japanese companies for its business expansion in the Philippines such its interest, industry and investment.

Local Community

We provide latest information for local Japanese community in the Philippines.

We can offer

Great deal for reaching Japanese market.


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Our Vision

We want to be the Number 1 web magazine specializing in Food, Entertainment, Shopping,
Travel and Leisure for Japanese Tourist in the Philippines.


by Carlos Sasaki [CEO]
I decided to create and produce the Japanese exclusive entertainment magazine focusing Manila, The Philippines to showcase its rich culture, food, entertainment, travel and leisure. I am a Japanese born and study in US and been living abroad for 15 years working as an expert in IT, Media and Business Consultancy.

There are 420,000 Japanese tourists every year who visit The Philippines and it was the 3rd largest foreign visitor behind the Americans and Koreans. Japanese tourist is the biggest spender in Travel with average USD 2,300 per person per visit. And there are 500 major Japanese companies establish in the Philippines from Manufacturing, Services, Investment, Trading, and Retail. About 20,000 Japanese living in the Philippines and its increase 10% every year.

This is to ensure your business to the Japanese market through Manila Freak eMagazine. I will work hard together with my team to make sure your business grow with the help of Japanese community visiting Manila for their gateway haven and to help Philippines continue its economic growth.

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